Sav Killz – Success Is Inevitable

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Is success inevitable? Countless MCs are facing that question these days. I can say with smart hard work success is inevitable. How many MCs put in smart hard work? Key word being SMART. The first time I heard of Sav Killz was on a J Ronin mixtape. Then a cat I know and respect saw him live about 6 months ago and said dude did his 1,2 thing type proper…”he stood out” were the exact words. I mean that right there falls under “smart” in my opinion. The fans, the people who actually support you, need to see you live; they need that CD in the palm of their hands too. You’ll see J Ronin and Sav Killz on the net more because it’s a compliment to the “smart” hard work they’ve already put in on the street. It’s that balance in both that make success inevitable these days.

I fuck with “Coming To Kill”. It’s been playing on Rapmullet’s home page for a minute but I was really checking out the “freestyles” to see what Sav can do with no song constraints. “It’s A Showdown” is exactly what I was looking for…slick word play and straightforward bars. “Industry Bullshit” too. “This is victory sound the trumpet / bang triumphant / bump it in your system cruise the blocks why you stuntin”. Sav gives you that raw emotion on “I Shall Remain”. Those are the words of a determined MC people. The “Stacks” remix with Planet Asia got that knock. You can picture these cats in a cipher just going in. I like what I hear from Spit Supreme on “Hoodlums”. That flow is lethal and he got a smooth ass flow. As far as the collaborations go. “Got To Find A Way” is that two techniques plugged into the light shit. Sav got an ill vocab too. Peep “Anger” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This is great showcase for Sav Killz. You get to see a bunch of different dimensions of his MIC skills. The content is well balanced too. He keeps it on some real ni99a shit but there’s always a purpose to the bars and sometimes a message; he’s keeping you thinking for sure. If it’s one thing I think he could work on it might be the flow. He’s got a unique style so it’s not really an issue but he catches patches of bars where the shit is mad fluid and the words are like floating in the ocean. Other time it gets choppy, which in my opinion is due to the too many compound verbs, look it up if you don’t know that is. Many MCs fall victim to the compound verb trying to say to much when shit can be straight to the point. If you aren’t already checking for dude, you need to be…his success is inevitable.