Sean Mac – Sold Out 8

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Thats right people the youngest in charge Sean Mac sold out. I haven’t heard a mixtape from dude for a minute. Can’t be mad at it and def can’t front on the young brother doing his mixtape thing. I give him credit too cause theres a few joints on here brand new and he was the first DJ to get an actual physical copy in my hands…props on that aspect.

You know what I’ve noticed? Cats will rip audio off a video clip with a quickness these days, call it exclusive and think they put in work. I’m not mad at it but lets keep it real on the tracklist at least for the sake of the listeners. As much as I want to hate “Barry Bonds” I think its dope. Take Lil Wayne off that shit and throw Common on there and call it a proper Chi-town remix. “Big Brother” is dope too. Anytime an MC wants to get deep with the concept I’m down. “Part Time Lover”, “Southside” and “We On Some Shit” are all classic mixtape joints…maybe not like 50 used to bring on his early mixtapes but I’ll take what I can get from dude on that witty street shit. Cats are showing that Remo freestyle “The People” much mixtape love and rightfully so. I’ve see cats comment online about Remo saying dude is average at best which makes me laugh cause dude gets it in every time out the booth. Now we get to the unsigned, unknown, bottom of the tracklist cats. Couple dudes shinning here; Parkay on “Shit Serious” and Big Law with a couple of mixtape bangers. Other than that shit was ehhhh for MCs picking up the rear of the project.

Let me say it again people Sean Mac sold out. Not sold out as in the MC Hammer way tho, cats is moving units and making it happen…don’t be mad it is what it is. This project right here was cop-able no doubt. He def broke some new joints first, showed that home town love to cats and gave the masses something to bump for the week.