Searius Add & Mick Boogie – The Hard Math Mixtape

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Welcome Searius to the Rapmullet review section. I was reading his bio which I usually do for any up and coming artist and there was one quote that caught my attention. “I’m nothing more than a mildly intelligent individual with the work ethic of a hustler.” Damn, that’s real right there. He sounds like a cat who knows who he is…which is rare these days. Too many new jacks in the game trying to “be” and “sound” like the next person. I see Searius is a spoken word artist as well. That’s dope; I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a CD by an MC that was a spoken word artist as well. Sounds like to me he’s got something say, let’s see what it is.

I’m glad they put the “Hard Math Freestyle” first because Searius can rhyme and he got word play. Now if “Fireworks” had jumped off the CD I might not have let the CD rock as long as I did. Def not diggin’ the rock vibe with Searius’ vocals on the top and the flow was choppy to me as well; this was end of the CD material to me. The polar opposite to “Fireworks”, to me anyway, was “Incense & Oreos”. This version was better than the original version that appears later in the CD. “Incense & Oreos” is that complete sound, that shit that shows Searius’ potential as a bonified song writer. I always look for music I can relate to. Artist need to connect to the people and solidify that fan base. “Smack”, a spoken word track, was def speaking to me but “Customer Service” has those rare jewels in it. And I quote: “being hungry is one hell of a blessing”. I can dig it. I was hoping Searius would have some true school mixtape tracks on here, “Shoulda Lean” is just that. And I quote: “if you ain’t real thats why we don’t respect it / got a college boys mind with a dope boys ethic.” Searius has the concept records too. Peep “A Hustler’s Love Poem” and if you don’t know what he’s rhyming about after a minute into the song you should give up your aspirations of a hustler. My favorite track was “Safir”. Not that I’ve every lost a brother (I dont’ have any siblings) but the flow and they way Searius comes across is about as genuine a track as you will find on any CD. The masses have to relate to “Work Story”, cats go through so many jobs and so much bullshit you have to of experienced some of the things Searius spits in this track. Rounding out the mixtape tracks is “12 Jewels”. I’m diggin’ the content in this rhyme considering what was spit on the original “Money In The Bank”. Back on the spoken word tip, “Baby” is deep the words and the message are flowing.

Let’s keep it real people, Mick Boogie and The League Crew is not about to co-sign some bullshit. When I think of how to sum up Searius in one word, “Talented” comes to mind. I was going to say well rounded because the balance in the music is evident, and by balance I mean content but I also mean the overal sound and vibe the complete work gives off. Searius is another artist that knows who he is and comes off as a genuine person in his rhymes. No larger than life MC with a bunch of ficticious money and cars, just a real cat telling it how he’s lived it; the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the funny and the sad….what one would call life. I still think he has room to grow and some more risks to take musically but their is no denying without a fraction of doubt Searius is a talented artist who’s destined to get his shine on.