Selecta Renegade & Darkcide Shifta – Fras-trated

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Renegade is back, he got Darkcide Shifta with him to keep all the people fras-trated, welcome to Rapmullet. Dead ass real, the burned copy of this CD got jacked from my ride twice. I fuck with some grimey ass chics, they a lil chubby but can suck dick like they was born to do it. They can keep the CDs as long as I get my “medicine” ya dig? You know the CD is tight when a couple of gangsta yooker gotta steal the shit.

The “Dutty Wine” remix with Shakira was some creative shit. Personally I don’t listen to Shakira but I’d def let her get it. The party on this CD pretty much jumped off with Shifta on “Stick It Up”. Mad energy to this joint but where Shifta really shines is on “Hustlin” and “Smoking A Pound” the Young Joc Remix. The Hustlin’ joint is some hard shit, stick you for you’re re-up music. Smoking A Pound is that classic mixtape track. You see it’s the Young Joc Remix so figure it out what song he re-did. “Step in the club /Smoking a pound”. The track I had on rewind was “Nookie” by Sizzla. Shit had me doing 85 in the slow lane on the way to the liquor store. Same with “Gangsta Guerilla”. That shit was buck wild. Fuck it, that riddim is the shit hands down. The tracks these yookers were fucking with was “Born Wid It” by Shifta and Sultex 300 and “Stroll Out”. Not really my cup of tea on some dance type shit but if the bitches wanna shake ass who am I to complain.

I gotta be honest. I like my reggae on some hard, thumping, smoked out type shit with some wild ass remixes. The dance shit is cool for the broads and all but I ain’t shaking my ass no how no way. I’m checking for Shifta tho. Dude got skills re-doing tracks classic mixtape style. That shit is a lost art if you ask me. Matter of fact go download the CD for free over at