Serius Jones – King Me

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SERIUS is world renowned for putting a lyrical choke hold on the previous FIGHT KLUB champion JIN. Many didn’t think it was possible to put an end to JIN’s reign, but that line about the 2 billion Chinese and JIN’S inability to go platinum damn near ended dudes career. SERIOUS is a 12 time FIGHT KLUB champ. He’s shitted on a starting 5, a defensive line, a secondary and then some. However he faces the same situation that every “battle” rapper faces. He could make 800 songs, but until he makes a certified hit, he’s always going to be categorized like the other “freestyle” greats that couldn’t survive when the industry became more than a one on one contest between two verbal gladiators.

“KING ME” is the vehicle that JONES chose to prove to the world that he is more than what they’ve seen. I had to listen to the CD several times, before I could reach a conclusion. JONES can spit, but we already knew that. The industry wants to know if he can create a song. He can. However, I thought the production was lacking and we all know that you could spit ice water in hell, but if the beat isn’t that shit, you might as well wrap the session up.

SERIUS labeled this a street album, but I think a DJ with some skill would have been the perfect match for his talent. He doesn’t need a “GANGSTA GRILLZ”, but if your going to hold kids attention today, you have to give them more than original material and if that’s the route your going to take, then give them multiple producers. “KING ME” lacked variety in the production area, but when the boy SERIUS got the right vehicle to ride out on, he did it to death. “RAW” featuring FAT CAT was that “stomp a muthafucka out” music. “I DON’T KNOW WHY” is a track by my man SPOT featuring SERIUS, but the production accompanied the lyrics like a beef patty with coco bread.

“A DAY IN THE LIFE PT. 2” saved “KING ME”. I like the aggressiveness when SERIUS is battling. Son can create songs all day, but when he allows his personality to leak through the speakers is when he’s at his best and SERIUS doesn’t have to do away with the self assuredness to prove that he can create a song. “KING ME” is definitely worth the listen, but SERIUS saved the best for last. When he finds a balance, the industries questions will be answered.