Sha Stimuli – The Secret

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If you are a true mixtape head then you know the name Stimuli. The Brooklyn MC has been on too many mixtapes to name. What he’s doing now is droppin “concept” mixtapes every month. Shout to DJ Victorious for sending me the previous joints. I was gonna try to wrap all these into one review but there’s too much music for that. The first joint I peeped was “The Wire” with all joints inspired by the TV show. “Don’t Come Out Side” with Cashmere is the stand out track off that project. Then the next one was “Love Jones”. If you can’t tell by the title it was a little something for the ladies but really it’s that MIC versatility…peep “Up and Down” to hear what I mean. The next one was March On Washington and the political bars were flying like no other MC has done during this election year. Check out “Black President” with Skyzoo and you’ll know what it is. Now were onto “The Secret”.

That was a hell of an intro by Pain In Da Ass on “Time Is Now”. I felt like I was about to hear some crazy shit. MCs rarely do “live” versions on mixtapes for the simple fact cats don’t do shows! Get your live performance game up you bitches. lol “S.T.I Live” is acapella too breaking down the alphabet with precision. “Deal With Me” got that bounce and the word play to match. “I been through the flame and came back / laugh, cry, lie, told the truth on the same track.” My favorite shit on here tho is “Live Like I’m Dying”. Ahhh man, talk about an MC who knows who they are. If it’s only one track you peep off this whole mixtape let this be it then rewind that shit. A close second is “Bentley” with Torae. I love that sample and dude flipped it a lil differently too. Bar wise the car analogies were flowing like water. “Left Lane” is just flat out ill. Dude is giving ya’ll djs so much mixtape music and ya’ll sleeping waiting for some Wayne or G Unit to leak when the real shit is right here. Plus if you haven’t heard the OJ Loopz produced “We Can Make It” by now you are a lost cause. If this track doesn’t motivate I don’t know what can.

If you fuck with insightful, witty, strong bars you need to listen to this project and the others that dropped so far too from Stimuli. I hope he can keep it up throughout the year cause this is hip hop’s heart right now. Cats worried about ring tones, and singles and labels and blah blah blah while S.T.I is worrying about flat out good music.