Sic Osyrus Interview

What’s good Mr Osyrus, welcome to Rapmullet

Good evening. That’s that grown man thug shit.

Tell us about ‘Sic O Nomics’ 2.5 hosted by Bedtyme357, what can we expect?

The usual Sic Osyrus heat. We keep it short and to the point though, 38 minutes front to back including skits. 4 songs, 12 Freestyles. It’s out there and the response is good thus far.

Where did the whole Ref thing come from?

People say dont hate the player, hate the game. I say dont hate the player, hate the ref. The Ref calls the shots, I’m not trying to be on the field, I’m controlling the game and calling the shots.

You have been one of the few artists that have balanced there presence in the streets as well as online, how important is that balance and how did your buzz build?

Just stayed consistent. We focus on the streets with the mixtapes, shows, magazines, dvds etc, then online we hit the blogs, sites, downloads, podcasts, youtube, myspace, facebook and over 40 other online profiles to get the google presence up.

You’ve collabed with some of the hottest up and coming artists over the last year such as Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Donny Goines, E Ness, Reed Dollaz, The League and others, who are you planning on rocking with in the year to come and why do you feel its important to collab with other up and comers?

I have a new movement along with Bedtyme357 called WRU, standing for We R The Underground. Its myself, The League, Clap Cognac, J Trigga, Lexx9Eleven and a few other choice artists repping themselves and getting the word out. We are dropping a tape soon so you know you’ll get that first. But it’s important to collab to diversify your fanbase, when I did ‘I Still Love her’ w/ Skyzoo, that really opened the online market for me, so big ups to Skyzoo, Donny Goines, Sha Stimuli and other artists that looked out for the kid.

You have a joint on 2.5 called ‘Everydays a struggle’ which is an crazy horn driven, mid tempo, street anthem produced by DJ Kep, you seemed like you really went in on this joint, take us through the concept and your creative process.

Man, when I first heard that i Dumbed out. I just went into a zone. DJ Kep did a record on Vol 2 called ‘Who would I kill’ that featured The League that was crazy so I know he was gonna bring that heat on round 2. We are shooting a video for the joint in December.

I’ve heard that your currently in the studio with Jimi Kendrixx, Amadeus, Vinny Idol, Drawzilla and the legendary Buckwild working on an album, how’s that coming and what other producers or artists do you plan on working with in the near future?

These guys are all legends in my eyes, but its not about their names, its about the chemistry and the vibe when we get in the studio. I also work with the kid Oz who did the Skyzoo and Sha Stimuli record, as well as ‘Thats My Style’ on Vol 2.5, my man Ryan from Cokchop productions, he has done alot of work with me in the past. Buda Da Future who did ‘PaperChaser’ for 50 did ‘Get Your Weight Up’ on 2.5, and I have recently gotten tracks from Illmind, Versatile and many other producers.

You’ve built quite the buzz for yourself over the last 2 years, what is it about you that people want to talk about?

Im me. No Sugarcoating it either. This is who I am. You dont see if often so when you do you pay attention.

What other aspirations do you have aside from the rap game?

Taking care of my son, living comfortably and acting.

Where can fans find you online?

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Sic in the building!

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YO SIC IT IS WHAT IT IS MY G. INterviews are flowing like the river. Stay up and yall can check that Sic Osyrus Interview soon up on Meet The Block. Stop playing games wicha lyfe.

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