Sic-Osyrus – Sic-o-nomics Vol 2

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Real spit, real talk, no bullshit, whatever you want to call it….there is an underground phenomenon going on in NYC and the east right now. MCs like Sic-o-cyrus, Skyzoo, Stimuli, Remo, Rated R, S-One, Sav Killz, Ransom, Termanology, Un Pacino and even Laz to name a few are being true to the legacy that is east coast MCing. Sic-Osyrus is still laying low on some cats radars but this project right here is wake up call or as I like to call it…a straight bitch slap to weak DJs everywhere.

Shout to DJ Bedtyme, consistently doing his thing and a DJ who knows how to properly host an artist mixtape too. That intro was some funny shit…”roc-a-fella ya’ll!”…comedy. “Got That Work” has been my anthem all weekend. The energy, the raw off the block-ness on here is the wheel. “I go get it even as bus passenger”…yea man. I can dig it. I used to hustle off a ten speed…no bullshit, ask Dimez. lol “Express Yourself” is that mixtape flip, that mixtape music. I like how he breaks down some of his come up as a young buck. You heard me speak about anthems early, “S ON My Chest” is just that. Drawzilla on the beat and well…”I don’t put down the bottle cause I like liquor”. The most polished track up on here easily is “I Stil Lover H.E.R” with Skyzoo. Shit got a knock and they both trade bars like grizzled MIC vets. Back on that mixtape music you got “Sic’s Story” and “I Got It Made”…that’s the type of beats you want if you gonna flip a mixtape track. Slick Rick and Special Ed thank Sic for doing them justice. DJ Kep laces the beat for “Who Would I Kill” featuring The League. Shit is melodic and damn if this isn’t some get lift off the ground music.

I was on the fence with the tape rating, no lie. I mean Sic-Osyrus is a street certified MC without questions. The intensity on the MIc is unmatched right now. Cats had a nice balance of original joints and mixtape flips too. Thing is I think they can still put out a better overall project and his best music is still ahead of him.