Sin – Supreme Poet (Double CD)

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A big welcome back to the review section for Sin. It’s been a minute man and I was glad to see the email from him about the new project. I don’t usually fuck with double CDs for the simple fact it’s a whole lotta music to review and time is of the essence around here. Regardless, if you don’t know who Sin is check out his website. One of the best artist websites out in my opinon:

He’s got a unique voice and a unique story. How many MCs you know came from Serbia as a refugee? It certainly gives him a different perspective from which to spit. There’s 40 tracks total and I’m not trying to highlight everyone that caught my ear. The first joint that hit’s is “Boom”. It’s got T-Pain on the hook and it’s def catchy as hell. Sin got some major exposure with that joint being featured on Fox tv’s “So You Think You Can Dane”. Lyrically it’s watered down but I can’t fault the man for that cause the track has mass appeal. I love the Journey flip on “West Side Soprano” and Sin’s flow has a nice lil bounce to it. “If I Should Die Tonight” is that classic Sin music; introspective, deep and kickin’ a lil life knowledge.

Disc two keeps things a bit more lyrical. Sin really saying some shit and giving you some of that story telling element as well. “Isambard Kingdom Brunel” just flat our knocks, add the Johnny Deps narrative from the end of the movie “Blow” and that shit really knocks. Gawdbless makes an appearance on “Gettin’ Money”, shit sounds fly. Sin opening eyes with “Kill Like America” too. I don’t think cats are ready for that.

Def a sold ass project. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the voice modulator that Sin uses throughout on various hooks ect. I mean it has it’s place and it’s trendy or whatever and that’s cool but I could have done without it personally or not as much. As a whole the vibe is classic Sin music. He’s staying consistent and growing as an MC. Not much else you could ask for.