SixMan – Life & Times of J. Wilson

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Welcome to SixMan and DJ Siza to the review section. SixMan hails from Michigan and he’s riding with DJ Siza of the World Famous Superfriends. Shout to all the Superfriend DJs out there. 2006 was the year of the artist mixtape…for good or for bad its hear to stay. A lot of people say the artist mixtape replaced the traditional “demo” which is true, but to those who get creative with it; skits, blends, concepts…it can be at a whole new level.

From the first track “Bangout”, you hear SixMan and dead ass real I thought I was listening to Nore. “what what”. lol Seriously tho SixMan has a similar “N.O.R.E” sound and flow. Now we know how well Nore is doing in Hip Hop right now so you can get an idea of where this review is going. Here is part of the hook from “Bangout”: “Bangout shit, rock em to death / hold on I’m about to blow -out your chest.” Just gonna get this outta the way SixMan def needs to work on his hook game. Dude got mad energy on here but with lines like “I get rude on a track / I take a baseball bat and smack him in the back.” Huh? “Luv You” remix is your typical “female” type track with a poor Brandy blend at the end. The hook surprisingly was decent on this one. “Ghots” is a 2Pac resurrection track. I can appreciate SixMan’s passion but lets let 2Pac rest in peace. This brings us too “Rock With Me”. Wow, where do I start…. I like the rapid flow at parts but that double time style needs some work. “Naw I don’t need your car / Naw I don’t need your crib / Naw I don’t need your dubs / Naw I don’t need your love”. To say the hook was lame is an understatement. I didn’t think it could get much worse till I heard “Rat Tat Tat “. Listen for yourself if you don’t believe me. I did however hear some potential on “The Musizk”. This is that staple “club” track but it works for SixMan. His flow was proper of this beat and dude singing did his thing. There is light at the end of the tunnel for Sixman.

Don’t get me wrong…SixMan has alot to say. Content wise you can tell he is passionate about what he does. He’s trying to give you a part of his background and how his life is. I think it comes off a bit corny at times but when you sound like Nore its an up hill battle. When SixMan gets to slow it down some BPM wise his train of thought is clear and concise and even on some party type shit he was shinning. It’s about finding that balance between the two and writing with a focus a.k.a “keep your eye on the sparrow”