Skillz, Jazzy Jeff & J.Period – Infamous Quotes

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Is it me or did this mixtape get criminally slept on? I’m saying tho, two of the best DJs around get together with one of the most lyrical MCs and cats fall asleep? What kind of shit is that?

“You’ll never live up to the hype, you ni99as Greg Oden”…sheeeet. That first self titled track hard as a bucket of nails. There’s at-least 20 quotable bars in that song. I love how Nottz flipped “This Shit Right Here”. Crazy that that Kat Williams clip became a hook. “Up All Night” sounds so lovely in the ride I had to rewind it 5 times.

“I think a dope DJ takes people where he needs them to go”. “I Think A Dope DJ Educates”. I love that line from the interlude.

If you looking for that knock you gotta fuck with “Who Gon Check Me Boo”. I love the crickets in the beat. That’s some creative but subtle shit. That “Break Up” freestyle is a lesson in controlled flow and how to accentuate words. Who else can have Liam Neeson as the hook of their song? “Nightmares” goes hard…”Hip hop ain’t dead you just downloading the wrong shit”. One thing that stands out about this project is the interludes. Some of the best interludes mixtape or album, especially “Things Groupies Say”. Skillz murdered Questlove on “The Last Laugh”. Broke that shit down lovely. Talk about story telling.

It’s a classic, straight up and down. First and foremost you got J.Period and J.Period does not touch a mixtape unless it’s going to be near classic if not classic. Then you got Jazzy Jeff with the skills. Then you got Skillz with some of the craziest bars of the year. Punch line after punchline. And all the classic quotes you could ever imagine. This is what happens when you get creative with an artist mixtape. This is what happens when you stop following and lead.