Sonny Carson & Reefa – The Brooklyn Mint Mixtape

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I see some familiar names on the track list and the CD came with a DVD which I still gotta peep. Envy hosting and truth be told that’s who you wanna get to do that shit. He has a distinctive voice and style that cats recognize so you can’t go wrong. BK is def in the place to be, let’s check out some new music people.

Geda K still rhyming his ass off man. “112” is that lyrical napalm and I still don’t think cats are ready for it. Same with Newz on “Block Gang”. The rhyme was cool as a fan but that hook doesn’t really stick in ya head like it should. My favorite track hands down is Big Trip on “U Can’t Hide”. Classic vocal sample and just raw rhyming back to back is where it’s at. The best beat on the CD is “G-A-N-Gstr”, that flute was doing it man. Nino got an ill flow too, shit just all came together on this track. The sleeper track is the “Broken Records” track summing up the over played radio tracks of today. At 15 tracks long I was left to wonder what at least five more songs would have added to this project.

We def need a part two already. This is a nice showcase for cats to get heard but we need more tracks. Having a thick case and a DVD is cool but in my opinion if you truly wanna get cats heard you gotta go classic mixtape style and push product like it’s red tops or some shit and do it consistently. Then when you get ’em hooked hit em with the fly flashy think case and DVD. Either way be on the lookout for part two and/or as always continue to support good music.