Southern Style DJs – Relax Yo Mind 4

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“Relax your mind and let your conscience be free and get down with sounds of DJ Jelly”. Not my best rhyme but not my worst either. It’s always an event to get some new Southern Style DJ mixtapes in the mail. (In Napoleon Dynamite voice…YES!) We already know that the Southern Style DJs (DJ Jelly, MC Assault, DJ Montay, DJ Unk, DJ Shawty Rock, DJ Hotsauce, DJ Mist) are the most skilled mixtape DJ crew in the country. You’d be hard pressed to find a mixtape or DVD that they dropped that didn’t display some sort of acutal DJ skill on it. This joint right here tho is that slow flow throughout and yes it’s all mixed. I’m about to cop volumes 1-3 just off the strength of volume 4…damn I was missing out on some shit.

Kush smokers rejoice! Let’s get into the mix…”Hood Nigga” got energy on the original but this smoked out version will put you into the zone. You know the zone man, stop frontin’…8-10 blunts deep staring at the wall for an hour thinking about some dumb shit, little bit of drool on the side of your mouth…you’re now in the ZONE. Normally I wouldn’t fuck with “I’m A Flirt” but when you mix it like that, I gots to fuck with it. I could tell you the beat they used but fuck it you got to cop it for yourself. TI’s verse will fuck your head up if your high listening to this; three beats flipped over this one too. Fuck it, “Lost Without You” is just smooth as can be. They got Robin Thicke sounding like a true pimp on that beat. I’m waiting for Robin to say “when my ho’s at?” The track list got me laughing just of the names of the next 3 songs…”Rollin”, we know what that is, then “Pillz” self explanatory then “Leather So Soft”.  “My Love” got that bounce to it…the BPMs got a lil boost on this blend. I don’t fuck with “Buy You A Drink” either but the shit was flipped so lovely I had to rewind it…especially for that second to last beat used.

The mixtape does exactly what the title suggests. This joint is a must cop if you’re just a fan of pure mixtapes. I don’t fuck with songs on the radio like that but these cats make you listen to that shit and actually enjoy it. That is the measure of not only a great mixtape but great mixtape DJs.