Sparkdawg – Google My Name

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This isn’t the first time an artist has said to “Google” them and it won’t be the last. It does however speak to the accomplishments of a well deserving artist. This joint is mixed by DJ Blurray and feature Sparks most potent flows he’s ever dropped. When I say mixed the project is really mixed, no bullshit just skills. Props to Blurray on that. All in all you’d be suprised what you find when you google yourself.

This project has over 50 tracks so you’re not getting mad highlights, but these are the joints that stand out to me. “Do Ya Thang” got that crazy hook. Shit is mad simple but you can’t help but sing that shit after one listen. “Feel Good” is that silky flow, likes the shit is too easy. “Iz U A Hustler” is a crazy ass beat on beat blend of like three different beats. Suprisingly the hook was lacking a little on this one but the verses were tight. “Lay Back” on that rapid flow was a good look. I say let the MIC skills breathe more cause that was a dope song…”cause my pimpin’ is in 3-D”. Back on that mixtape flip shit is “Hood Anthem”. Now that’s how you own someone elses beat. “Sonic Flow” is just that. I’m telling you Spark needs to stay with that rapid flow more. That joint is a straight head nod all the way thru. “5% Tint” isn’t my favorite song but its smooth and it’s a different concept.

If you’re not a believer man, Sparkdawg, Greencity, Scarface, Hustle Squad DJs they all go in and make it what it is. I don’t listen to Sparkdawg for lyrics. I listen for that slick shit, that liquid flow, that catchy hook and his ability to write songs. Truth be told the man can flat out write. Content wise it’s ho’s, bank rolls and clothes. I aint mad at it cause that has it’s place and he does it well. The main thing with him is that he has invested in his ability and it has literally paid off. If you’re not willing to put your all into the music and that includes financially, then you’re bound to fail. Sparkdawg stays with fresh product in the streets and he knows how to politic with the best of them. If you don’t believe me just google his name.