Sparkle Motion – New Jack City Vol. 1

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Ahhh man. The same cats who brought you Flight School are back at it again. I selfishly have been bumpin this for around a month now since it hit the internet. For those not in the know, Sparkle Motion consists of Tobes and DJ Yoda. I sent Dimez a link to the mixtape, cause this is truly our era right here, and he was like “who is Sparkle Motion? The name sounds like a figure skating duo”. hahaha I had to laugh at that but once he heard the mix…forgetaboutit.

I love the New Jack Swing era which pretty much sums up this project. Up tempo soulful pop ass music. I don’t even have to give you the specific songs I can give you just some of the artist on here: Tony Toni Tone, Big Daddy Kane, Johnny Gill, Another Bad Creation, Monie Love, Heavy D & The Boyz…come on man. I shouldn’t have to mention this but yea, it’s all mixed, skills are shown just like mixtapes should be and if you don’t dance a lil jig while bumpin’ this you were either born in 1995 or you’re just lame. For god sake they have Dino on here!! DINO people!! (sings*) “That’s the way it has to be cause that’s the way I like it”. If that doesn’t do it for you then maybe the oft forgot Glenn Mederios and Bobby Brown collaboration “She Ain’t Worth It”…classic.

Throw on your finest rayon button up, dock martins, fire up that ’90 Toyota Supra, go cop an 8-ball and hit the bathroom of your favorite dance club with a couple freaks in biker’s New Jack City Pt 1.