Spot – A Breath Away

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One of Coney Islands finest MCs is back up in the Rapmullet review section. This project was released in 2007 but it’s never to late to review an artist mixtape. Just off the title alone I’m expecting a “concept” type mixtape; something with some substance and a message. Too much these days cats are still rhyming about cars, money and hoe’s. The problem with that is only a handful of MCs are really making any money so that flossin’ shit on the MIC isn’t selling. That’s where an MC like Spot comes into play; the epitome of D.I.Y. hip hop.

“Around Me” is intense…the breathing in the beat is classic; it def sets the tone for the project. “It’s Gonna Be” is my joint tho. I know the sample used for that beat and hook and the way it was flipped was cool as a fan. Spot lyrically walks that fine line between running the dope game and being legit. I didn’t really like that monotone hook on “They Said He Died” but I like the message. Too many times MCs hit you with the gloss of doing wrong so it’s refreshing to hear the opposite end of what can happen when you do wrong; and he produced the beat too. “Jennifer Hudson” is one of the best concept songs I’ve heard in months. It’s a come up anthem. “If The Game” with Gucci Mane should be an underground hit. Not sure why mixtape cats haven’t supported this more. On the other end “She Hate Me” is an above ground hit. I can see the video for this one already. If you don’t already know, Spot produces too. “A Breath Away” has that Miami Vice feel to it but the real jewel of this song is the message. How many MCs you know rhyming about priorities these days? I think the hook could have better tho. I’m diggin’ the Serius Jones assisted “Bleed”…this is that soul music. “High To The Heavens” is def smoked out, dig the way they flipped that sample a lil different. Spot on the hook with that laid back sound was dope. I hear the same shit on “Take Me Home” too and it’s def a good sound for Spot.

Spot on the MIC is a street certified MC (three and a half tapes), this project as a whole is three tapes tho. Track to track Spot has a good balance of content and an overall well rounded sound. It could have been the way the mixtape was tracked that held it back a little or just that Spot used a couple of filler tracks that fucked with the cohesiveness of the project. Regardless, Spot is def finding his voice. He has the potential to be one of the real true voices of the east. From the last project I heard till this one he’s improving and that’s what you want and ultimately the title of this mixtape fits because he really sounds like he’s just a breath away.