St Da Squad – The Mixtape

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I was glad to see this mixtape hit the streets. Cats been at this for a minute. The first time I heard of St Da Squad was off a ED Rock aka Ea$y Money mixtape back in like 2002 or 2003. Two things were evident, Easy Money could rhyme and all I heard on the joint constantly was St. Da Squad. For those that don’t know they’re from Lawtown aka Lawrence Massachusetts and they will make you tuck you’re chain. Act like ya know.

Shout to DJ Deadeye doing his thing, keeping shit moving and such. If you haven’t heard Statik Selektah is bringing the boom bap back on this beats. “It’s The ST” is a lyrical work out too, the whole squad burning bars on this one. “The go-rilla that’s mo-realer”…that’s my line right there. If this track doesn’t have you smacking babies at their christening then I don’t think you’re really alive. We know Termanology has that high caliber flow…”The Music Industry” is proof positive. I’m digging the MIC chemistry with Snuk and Clip on “I Got You”. I don’t give a Fizzy Womack…he laced the beat for “The Burial”…this is mixtape music at it’s best aka fillet mignon. Hectic caught fire with his verse on here, get ya shine on man. “Hennessy” is a lil different sound for the squad, I can dig it tho…Easy Money owned this one and “Welcome To The Machine”. I’m loving they way Artisin flipped that sample on that shit; Termanology dropped jewels on that too. Snuk caught his shine on “Where You Are”…the sleeper track of the project.

This is a solid a group mixtape as I’ve heard all year so far. I think cats have a good understanding of what their sound is, their direction and their roles in the group; that shit is important. The main thing in my eyes is when the whole squad gets on a track it’s dope, cats carrying their weight lyrically with the more know MCs and it makes shit reminiscent of vintage Wu Tang at times. Of course there’s still room to grow, bars and flows to be challenged and more good music to be made.