St. John – The Popmarket Crash

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Welcome St. John to the Rapmullet review section. He’s from V.A .and he’s got DJ Noodles, Chuck T, Vlad and DJ Thoro riding with him. I like the title to this joint, it’s something different from what cats usual do and on top of that he has a Miami Kaos cover without the guns, money and all the other “hip hop” cliche’ bullshit MCs think they need to look like. I give dude his props for that because it looks like he’s just being who he is and not following the norm.

Vocally St. John got a little C.L. Smooth vibe going on with a harder edge to his shit. The delivery is there, you can tell dude is polished with the MIC skills. I don’t think I would have jumped the project off with that “New Ruler Freestyle”. Shit was cool but it lacked the energy that the “Come Get Me Freestyle” had and with Noodles bringing shit back it would have worked better. The word play was sharp in that shit too. “Deliver Us” is the most well rounded track up on here; from the beat to the subject matter. “Knowledge the key but we just a bunch of fools in chains”…St John preachin’ with out being preachy…gotta love the balance. I’m def diggin the way they broke down the classic “Turn Of The Lights”. Cool little feel good track for the ladies with a classic sample in between. “Klap” was a little cliché as far as hooks are concerned, “All my homies say..klap, klap”; track almost sounds dated to me. As far as posse cuts go “I’m Good” was the standout track. Staxx Giancanna and Souljya rhymed their asses off, mad energy on this track. The best mixtape flip up on here was “Commercial Free”. Raw beat and raw rhymes just what mixtapes are all about.

I was on the fence with the rating on this mixtape. I think with the four quality DJs you got on here, the fact Noodles always makes artist shine when he puts an artist mixtape together and the fact St John is a quality MC you had to go with 3 tapes. The problem with that tho was even tho dude can rhyme he had some gaps in the skills. Punch lines specifically. At points he had me rewinding shit with sharp and witty lines then at other times he had me going “that was kind of corny”. EX: “my lines be all across the globe like latitude” ehh. Not horrible but not memorable. I think he suffered from over-swagger on certain joints too. I don’t know when this project dropped but some bars sound dated, maybe years old. I def hear the potential and with the right original beats he has a bright future.