St Laz – Invincible

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The dynamic duo is in the building: DJ Fade and St Laz. These cats been consistently dropping new mixtapes with different concepts every time and honestly each and every one of them garners some quality promotion. Do some searching and you’ll find his music on DatPiff and Hip Hop DX, peep the comments to the projects and you can also see the love/hate relationship Laz has with the masses. He takes the good with the bad and turns it all into motivation…that’s how it should be.

I’ve followed Laz’ music for a couple years now and he’s def improved as well as become a more well rounded MC. I think the project started out a lil slow…I dug the beat Serge Deff laced on the intro but the first couple tracks were average to me…patented Laz flow and features; I’m not mad at it tho. The first joint that got my ear was the “Bad Things” freestyle. This joint is that struggle filled with raw emotion, plus every MC brought their “A” game to the table. Snyp Life and Laz on a track is always a good look. “Street Life” is that classic mixtape track…straight head nod music. The whole vibe of “Experiments” with Metrick was a great sound for Laz. Like I said above he’s become a better rounded MC. My favorite track tho was without question…”Blood & War” produced by Joey Bags. Not only is that beat infectious, they captured that “NYC from 1995” sound and made it proper for 2007. A close second was “Crazy Games” with Joell Ortiz…another well rounded joint. Laz spit…”we flaming out the sour and piff”…true indeed. Just being honest, I didn’t like the Ronnie C remix to “BK Madness”. Something was missing to me, like it was too soft or something for those bars. The sleeper joint to me was “Poor NYC” with Push Montana. I’m on that raw emotion in the rhyme type shit and that’s exactly what cats spit on this Serge Deff beat. “The Only Killa” with Geolani was the best “sounding” colabo. This joint deserves some more mixtape love because when that hook hits you can’t not dig that shit.

As stated before, the beginning of the project lagged for me, I think once you got to the middle of the joint Fade caught his stride track placement wise. I didn’t really hear any type of mixing which if done right on an artist mixtape can def “enhance” the listening experience in my opinion. Fade and Laz def putting in work, but One improvement I’ve seen Laz make is the overall “presentation” of his projects…meaning the cover and the fact cats are using “skits” to keep the project moving. This cover right here gets your attention and almost guarantee’s a solid listen from new potential fans. In this day and age, whether you like it or not, the artwork sells the initial listen…and will def help you get three tapes.