Stack Bundles, Superstar Jay & Snatchatape – Salute Me: The Lost Tapes

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“THE FLOW OF THE CENTURY…..” Damn man, what could of should have been right? You look at the current state of hip hop music in NYC and this could have been Stacks time right now. The true prince of the city. You see these cats with a fraction of Stack Bundles talent touring and buzzing heavy. That was about to be his future.

Stack Bundles bars almost always out-shined the beat. He was a warrior MC in training. That’s how I viewed each project, each track he dropped. He never seemed to get the best beats or was it that he just murmured every beat he touched? I figured when the production caught up to the bars it was a wrap for the game. He was gonna own it. He appealed to the street cats and he appealed to the ladies. Not an easy feat to pull off, only a few have been able to do it over the years. Melodic catchy hooks like on “Up Down” were a staple with Bundles’ music. You can still hear the hunger in that joint. I never heard “It’s On Now” with Swizz Beats but it worked man. Another glimpse of what could have been is heard on that track. “That Ni99a” is that shit tho. The potent combination of style, bars and authenticity. It doesn’t get much realer than that. “Neva Could Say Goodbye” is that smoothness, that marriage of a gritty ass flow with a classic hook. It sounds so good in the ride too.

We live in a time now where MCs would rather have their song be in a Tide commercial then get respect as an MC. Stack to me was going to be one of the last MCs to want to be an MC. He seemed a lil torn with his success at time, listen to his music but I think he had what it took to walk that thin line. We also live in a time where cats want no DJ versions of mixtapes which is wack to me. Superstar Jay did what he does best in hosting a mixtape. Snatchatpe brought those songs to the table and this is what you got: a proper mixtape tribute keeping an MCs voice alive. This might be Stack Bundles lost tapes but he will never be forgotten.