Stack Bundles, Tha Riot Squad & Pudgee P – Riot Or Diet Vol. 3

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Cats refuse to starve so you already know what the other option is. Neck snapping concrete music; thats what it’s all about people. Byno, Stack Bundles, Cau2g$, Chinx Drugs…man you know who’s in the mob. Pudgee p keeping the music moving, good to see his name back on this project.

Pudgee doing his thing cutting up “Daily Dose”; Stack Bundles with that pharmacy flow. Cau2g$ follows it up with that hustle off the beeper music on “G$ Time”. “Who you know poppin’ like a pistol / mines is Riot rated and official”….shit gets no realer than that from Far Rocks finest; “Riot Mode” doesn’t disappoint. The mixtape flips of the whole project were “Still Will”…hook crazy and bars were savage and Bynoe with “Riot Boys”; he owned that Jay Z beat…”bullets is on the house”. Fuck the bullshit, “Bendin’ Corners” is THE track that made this CD for me. I can listen to this joint ALL DAY! Stacks flow is as cold as a pool in the winter. “Lonley At The Top” got my review view mirror shivering…Bynoe ain’t playing with you lames. You gotta peep “Make Music”, Cau2g$ set off a 3 alarm fire on the booth…he was shifting gears on the flow like and Indy car…hook was kinda wack tho. Nod ya head to “My Pockets” and hit the third lane with “Fast Life” on that introspective shit.

It’s all about the beats baby, the beats are serious on here. Then you add Pudgee P on the mix and you got yourself some street certified shit…it’s that simple. I think the important thing to remember, even tho Stack Bundles is no longer here, is that the Riot Squad still has their best music ahead of them. One of, if not the only, crew of MCs to really really rep for NYC and mixtapes on a steet level. Some MCs wanna drive thru the hood and say they feed the streets while the Riot Squad actual does.