StackHouse Recordings – Four Brothers

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This is my first Stackhouse Recordings CD so welcome to the review section. Honestly I’m not that excited to hear more Biggie, Pac, Pun and Big L blends but considering the blend game is a little weak at this point I’ll take what I can get. Pun blends need to be done more often, his flow and word plan is ridiculous to the point of MC genius.

Smooth Denali murdered the intro, props to him for keeping the mixtape intro alive and skillful; the echo was on point like no other. I like how they set the tone of the CD with the PSA joints. Sad hearing those headlines read again though. “From BK 2 Harlem” was a good look. That beat complimented Big L well considering his material is some of the most dated flow wise. Lil Kim surprisingly fit well along side him as well, who would have thought; the scratched hook was boom bangin’ too. I think “You Still Ain’t A Killa” was my favorite shit, well at least Pun’s verse was. “Back To Cali” captured a different sound for “Back To Cali” from Biggie. I wish that acc was better quality but those DIY joints are what they are. Ok Ok, “Why Me” IS the best joint on this CD. Talk about getting amped the fuck up. 2 Pac over that beat is powerful, add in Kool G Rap and it’s a wrap. This is theme music for any ass whooping. “Never Be Peace” is just that mellow cool shit, got you thinking on the rhymes too. It’s amazing the talent that Big L had on the MIC, who knows where he’d be in the game today; probably “retired” with Jay Z. Cats need to peep 2 Pac spittin’ from jail too, that shit is kind of rare. “One More Chance” was cool till Sunshine started singing and threw off the vibe.

This CD is in heavy rotation. I got my favorites and skip around a little but the shit is bangin’ for real. The Pun blends was def on point beat wise, they captured Puns vibe lyrically. Big’s blends were cool; they used alot of DIY acc’s which takes a little away from the sound. I’m gonna be steady checking for Stackhouse joints from now on.