Starr Media Group – The Cook Out

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New Jersey is back in the building…tuck ya chains and watch what you say cause at the “Cook Out” it might be all good but you can still get got. DJ Radio is hosting and keeping the party moving as he usually does. For those that still don’t know what Starr Media Group is bringing to the table they have a roster of quality artists: Joe Clark, Gutta, OxPro, Rita Tyler, Casso, Ona Marina, and Synatra. They also have in house production from: The Presidentz, ENTYCE, and the Beat Boxers. Now that everyone has met, someone hook me up a plate cause it ain’t a cook out if you ain’t got no food….and somebody tell Mr. Dre’ Dinero to stop eating all the potato salad!

“Nothing Last Forever” is the jump off. OxPro verbally hits the block with caine on here and let’s you know how he gets it in. “J to the O-E” slides thru on that smooth shit, that liquid flow while Casso tears open a dutch sitting in the Range. ENTYCE holds it all together with a little soul infused banger; peferct track to jump the CD off with. If we’re talking beats The Presidentz laced “Caught Her Looking”…that bass line and the lil wah wah sample were serious. OxPro and Gutta getting their pimp stroll on over this joint…nice little story telling going on here too. Casso impressed with “Laid Back”; the word play was on point and he freaked that hook as well. I was vibing to “Here’s A Story”, that straight head nod; Synatra paiting an ill picture. “Hustla’s Life” with Synatra and Rita Tyler got a lil “Can’t Knock the Hustle” Jay Z and Mary J vibe going on. “Baggin’ Up” is the anthem man. C Gutta laying down that rawness…literally. Cats might have to remix this and let some of the team get down on it then shoot the video. Joe Clark giving you some insight on “Stand Up”. “My aim was so focused on the game that I dug my childhood a grave.” Damn. The sleeper track is Rita and Joe Clark on “I Gotta Know”. Rita singing her ass off, giving the ladies some real content to relate to and the horns in that beat was crazy.

The main thing I can hear on this project compared to the last one is the sound is more polished, it’s well rounded. That right there lets you know Starr Media Group is true to their moniker “We Make Stars”. In a time when people refuse to develop talent these cats are doing just that. Each artist compliments the other, the chemistry is there and that makes for a dangerous team. With out question this project is better than the last one but I believe their best music is still ahead of them.