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Pittsburg is up in the place to be, welcome. I’m always down to hear some blends. Rain, snow, sleet or sunny weather I don’t give a fuck, let me hear some creative shit. You know how it goes though, beats gotta be classic or at least boom bangin’ other wise you’re hitting the FF button and once you start skipping around you might as well stick a fork in the CD cause it’s done.

Probably the smoothest and most complimentary remix was “Can I Have It Like That”. The beat is something Pharrell would spit on hands down. I def applaud the effort on trying to remix “Times Up” by O.C. but sometimes the classics aren’t to be messed with. Is that Smooth B on “Game Over”? Ahh man, haven’t heard that voice in a minute. He still on that smooth flow too, some shit never changes. Jay Z’s vocals off “Dirt Off Ya Shoulder” meshed well with those horns man, one of the illest beats on the CD.”B-Boy Stance” remix, although very musical, just didn’t work. Def a bad audio marriage. I felt the same way about the “Bloody Money” remix. The instrumentation in the beat was like the opposite of what you wanna hear while Nore rhymes. Do you think “Who Got The Props” is a classic enough beat? Hell yea and Pun and Biggie sound lovely over it too. Can’t forget Pac’s verse, he was made for a beat like this man. They gave “Daytona 500” a whole different vibe while Raekwon Ghost’s verses flow effortlessly over a funked out track. I’m not a fan of “Pimpin All Over The World” but the track was remixed to perfection, I can front.

This is great listen people. It’s a little something different, very musical/jazzy with the remixes. Maybe even a tad bit eccentric. I like when DJs take chances with it. It doesn’t always work out but with out the risk there is no reward. On the real this CD put me in a good mood. No lie. It may not have the same effect on everyone but never the less shit was boom bangin. Check them out at: