Suge White – Illegal Tender : The Mixtape

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Suge White on that official Illegal Tender mixtape for the streets. I see cats borrowed the title for the DJ Lust mixtape but in all actuality its all promo for the movie. I can agree that some cats need to step up their “mixtape title” game these days tho. The star of the movie Rick Gonzalez is hosting which is a good look and I’m def checking out the flick off the strength of the trailer.

Mike Beck gets his 1-2 thing off alongside Tony Sunshine with “Momma Used To Say”; a decent jump off to the project. If there is only one track you rewind on here let it be “M.O.M.M.Y” by Stack Bundles…this is just classic. Starr is a freak on “Secret”, plus she sounds good enough to eat. Honestly I can’t fuck with Justin Timberlake and Talib Kweli on a track together….oil and water my friends, oil and water. “Don Diva” is that do dirt music. Cats lyrically spit acid on this track…classic theme music. “Gain” is a different sound for Ghostface…rhyming his ass off as usual. It’s good to see “Where Da G’s” on a mixtape. Bun B, Pimp C and Dizzie Rascal is a crazy collaboration. Beat wise “Don’t Forget ‘Em” is my shit, the rhyme is cool and Consequence did his thing but that beat is tight like pigeon punany. Prodigy set off the end of the CD with “I Know” and pretty much every track after this was that hard white. Cavlar came with that savage flow on the “Uncle Murda Diss”; nice little mixtape track for that ass. The other cat that went in seriously was Bucky on “5ft Felon”. He kept it funky like dirty sock and corn chips all while giving you true murda music.

This has to be one of the most well-rounded mixtapes I’ve heard from Suge White. He attacked the project like how Spanish got tackled in the movie Old School. (I couldn’t resist). Besides that he had a nice balance of new shit with some underground bangers. Now go see the movie!