Suge White – Original Shottas 2

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I had the pleasure of listening to Part 1 of this series, just never got a chance to write the review. For those of you not familiar with Suge White, dude is doing his thing in NYC. He def flips some different concepts and you can tell he’s a student of the game. He’s not about to hit you with crazy skills and blends but he consistently drops a quality product for heads that just want to hear some good music.

After part 1 of these series I had to check out the movie and shit is a crazy ass movie. I was def diggin’ that shit and going back to listen to the CD Mr. White def captures the essence of that shit. “Gunshot” remix has that militant bounce to it. Logic did his thing over that too. I had “Weed” on rewind for a minute. Vybez Kartel got the flow working overtime on this one. “Your pussy fat like rubber tire with no wirery tread”…I’d like to see the pussy Vybez is talking about in “Call The Ambulance”. “Gun Down” by Bounty Killer is that shit. I’m a fan of that slow flow man. Speaking of slow flow…Spragga Benz on “Shotta” got that head nod factor plus it has my ride sounding like a concert. You can’t have a shottas mixtape without “The Ganja Song”. Spragga Benz and Baby Sham lay it down for all you smokers…me personally I never touch the stuff, (laughs) but for all you cats that do you got some theme music. With that said, Busy Signal will take you “High”-er. You like how I played off that shit right? I don’t think I ever heard “Badman Anthem” before, that shit is def a fitting song for this concept tho.

Guns, weed, and pussy. That pretty much sums up the theme of this project and it def compliments the movie. The only beef I have with the CD is the tempos. Shit will go from that slow flow to some ass shaking, up tempo tracks at the drop of a hat. That def annoyed me at a couple points but overall Suge White stucked to the concept well. Lord have mercy!