Suge White – The G Files (DVD)

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I see cats are stepping up their hustle! Suge White back on that DVD shit. While all the other “hustlers” out there are pissed off about not getting “exclusives” and “how the net fucked up their mixtapes” some people are capitalizing off the lull. Lets see…50 Cent drops his new album Curtis five days ago…what would compliment that album…hmmm…I’m know…how about a DVD of all his videos! It’s so simple you almost want to slap yourself…but it’s also good business.

I’m not the biggest 50 Cent fan. I do have all my autographed copies of his early mixtapes tho cause let’s be honest that’s some of his best work ever. He does however have some dope videos. See the thing about videos now is it’s all “low” budget, if you want to call it that. Youtube’s video quality is shity so why do a $1,000,000 video when it’s gonna look like shit anyway and be viewed the most people on youtube. That’s the future right there people…DIY(do it yourself) videos picking up where MTV and BET dropped the ball and running with it all the way to the bank so to speak. “I Get Money” video was a perfect example of that shit; nothing really special about it but flashy as hell to catch your eye. I can’t remember the last time I say “Poppin’ Them Thangs” but that shit is strong like bull. No lie I think my favorite 50 Cent video is “Wanksta”. That was like 50s coming out party, that shit put him on the map for real for real plus that freak bitch Scarlet that was down with the Unit early got hella ass in those sweats. Suge White got the new shit on here too; “Ayo Technology”, “Follow My Lead” ect but to me those don’t even compare to say “Ski Mask Way”. Not only that you get “React” and “Life’s On The Line” as a bonus. That shit is rare off of youtube to even posses.

You know what video sums up this project? “Hustlers Ambition”. That’s exactly what Suge White is doing and he’s doing it well. Kill All Rats is the movement; with a side of “Hustlers Ambition” rounding out the formula all the while cats “Get Money” and take it “Straight To The Bank”.