Supa DJ 2Mello – America’s Pimp: The Jump Off

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America’s mixtape pimp is back to drag his mink by all the hoe’s in the club. The club is where 2Mello is carving his lane mixtape wise. Tracks is ass shakin’ friendly full of sweaty thongs and theme music for drunk bitches. Truth be told it’s not my favorite type of music but the ladies eat this type of shit up and in all honesty you want the ladies to cop your shit.

“Some Other Places” is the jam. Remy doesn’t really have young chics wanting to be her but this is a good start along with Keisha Cole. AP does what he does on “Like That”, going a little old school but still making the ladies feel good. I’ve heard “Hustlers Anthem” before, hmmmm. “Ooh Wee” is trash man, LL needs to let it go man, just let it go. The P.O remix to “I Love My Bitch” still gets me open, that beat is some shit to reckoned with. The sleeper track of the CD is “Burnin Up”. I’m diggin’ the bongos but not really Fat Joe’s verse. Him and LL need to do an album and release it in Bolivia and then go promote it for the next ten years over there. ODB on that hook is crack-tacular though. Too Bad Christina Milian’s fine ass flopped with her last album but M Reck on the verse for “Say I” was cool.

I can see 2Mello is tightening up his formula. The skills are cool as hell and bottom line is the CD is actually mixed which makes the shit cop’able. If he was just droppin’ track after track with a shout in between then he’d be looking at two tapes easy cause the music was decent but too “broad friendly” for me. No offense ladies, I know you already cop’d this joint but you need to get another copy for your fat friend too.