Superstar Jay & Mighty Fuzz Young – For My Generals

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Welcome Mighty Fuzz Young to the Rapmullet review section. We don’t get too many “producer” mixtapes so this is a welcome addition. Now for the extremely slow people, this mixtape features all original production by Mighty Fuzz Young featuring a gang of MCs and the shit is hosted by Superstar Jay. This is not a blend CD either; this is the MCs you see on the track list actually rhyming over Mighty Fuzz Young’s production. Get it, got it, good.

I’ve see the production credits for dude before with various MCs but this is first time I’ve seen a whole project from him. For producers on their grind this is how you want to solidify the name and get people talking…the ones that aren’t as familiar with you. Getting Superstar Jay to host and co-sign is big, especially in NYC…like Uncle Murda says on “On Tha Grind” to Superstar Jay..”I see you everywhere” and that’s what he brings to the table. “I flow still like the ocean / I let a beach on ’em / 16 bars and I spit 7 seas on ’em “…Graf on “None Of Us Smiling”. Tragedy pretty much destroys “Hood Ikon”…what a fitting title for dude; perfect beat for him too. Remo sets the booth on fire with “Fire”…you heard this before but this beat def leaves an impression in the concrete. Damn, Geda K went in on “Do Or Die Shit”. I’m fucking with this beat too, hook didn’t do it justice. Mighty Fuzz Young got some versatility too. “Ain’t The Same For Gangstas” is all head nod; that flute is crazy! “Got No Time” got that bounce to it with that stutter going on. That Sha Stimuli “freestyle” got a big sound to it. The drum roll was the shit and Sha was flipping words like the vet he is. Royal Flush got his gangsta shit off with “Tryna Stack Mills”…straight do dirt music; rewind this shit man.

Mighty Fuzz Young got a heavy synth sound but you can hear the variety in the music so don’t put him in a box just yet. The main thing you need to know is dude has “quality” production…that shit that is mixed properly and hits hard. I didn’t hear any real commercial shit and you know what…that’s cool. You don’t have to be commercial to eat plus just look at who’s spittin’ on his joints…head and shoulders above cats right now. Be on the look out for dudes production credits cause I got a feeling you’re gonna start seeing a lot more of it. Contact: if you need beats hit up Excel at and go to to see whats really good.