Superstar Jay – The Chosen One

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Niggas are going to hate me for this, but I’m going to skip all the bullshit and start with the darts. I know the game and I know the “kissassolitics” involved in it. It’s the reason why DJ’s have to carry certain logos on their release or why they have to submit their artwork and track listings to sites, before the CD hits the pavement, but SUPERSTAR JAY was one of a kind! Dude was doing it his way and I loved that about his campaign. Needless to say, that era is over and for the first time ever, I’m going to say that he’s working too hard! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Unit that Mixes, I’m fond of them in fact, but I’ve never seen a SUPERSTAR JAY release on the site and their mentioned twice on the “THE CHOSEN ONE” and their logo also appears on the cover! RAPMULLET still has love for you, but no one should have to try that hard!

I don’t know where JAY is getting his joints, but he definitely got his hand on the button when it comes to G UNIT. He has 4 joints on “THE CHOSEN ONE”, but when P says shit like “fuck it, if it’s time to go it’s time to go/plus what’s gone help when they shooting for your head/ain’t no mission impossible/and ain’t no man alive got that much strength”, the track loses steam. “IT’S MURDER” is a banger regardless. “WORLD WAR 3” was a surprise, because I’m not a FREEWAY fan. His rhyme scheme never changes and you can predict when he’s going to extend a word, but when accompanied by the right beat, dude is proper like grits with salt, pepper and little butter on top. “UP THE LADDER” isn’t lead off single material nor is it filler! “WHO WANT BEEF” is certified “kick a bitch in the twizat music”. I’ve been a FAT JOE fan forever, but he’s become so desperate for sales that he’s resorted to ripping RICK ROSS off on “CLICK AND REVOLVE” (vocal style and all). “THINK BIG” was a good look for GRAVY. I’m a “throwback” head, so hearing NAS and RAEKWON on “MY BROTHERS KEEPER” was “THE CHOSEN ONE’S” finest moment. I love the NAS joint, but “FRESH” by STACK BUNDLES wasn’t far behind.

You win some and you lose some when it comes to “exclusive” joints. It’s all about who got what first and if the tracks are “booger sugar”. I can’t deny that “THE CHOSEN ONE” had some joints, so it’s with that in mind that JAY secured 3 tapes.