Superstar Jay – The Mixtape Heist

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I don’t want to keep repeating this, but it’s a must. When Rapmullet started to see the slightest success for what we do, cats came out the wood work to say that, “reviews don’t do shit”!” I heard them say, “you ain’t the first to do this.” I wouldn’t disagree with the second statement, but we may very well be the first to make a change in the game. Why do so many mixtapes come through Rapmullet with a rating of 3 and better? The truth is they know what we do and if you’re not coming with a proper product, then believe Rapmullet will drop your release and piss on it for the world to read. Yes, we were the first to do that! SUPERSTAR is a beast with his releases in the street. The internet has ignored this dude. Where did you see him? On Rapmullet muthafucka! He won’t be the first and he won’t be the last to get that international birth here.

If you missed “WHO CAN FUCK WITH ME”, cop it and tell me the difference between that and “THE MIXTAPE HEIST”. Read the review on Rapmullet and all your answers are there. The levels on the songs have been fixed. The mic isn’t redlining. The unsigned artists aren’t littered throughout the release and all of this makes for a better listen! As the “exclusive” DJs say, “you heard it hear first!”

This isn’t the best “exclusive” joint that we’ve received, because quite a few of the joints that were featured, I’ve heard already. On the other hand, I’m not the average mixtape consumer. So there were probably a couple of gems that skated past some of you dudes. KANYE did it again for the CHI with TWISTA and KEISHA COLE on “IMPOSSIBLE”. I was impressed by CLAP COGNAC on “GET ON YOUR GRIND”. On the other hand JAY committed one of the cardinal sins of an “exclusive” DJ. The title says the CD is hosted by PRODIGY aka VIP. Well….I only heard one drop JAY. That doesn’t mean fam hosted your joint. That means he did a drop and you should have labeled it as such. I commend you for getting the drop, but if you want the props for getting cats to host, you gotta put in that work! I know “exclusive” DJs like to play that game of changing the name of tracks to make em look new, but if you’re going to be elite. You have to get elite material!