T. Farris Interview

Shorty Big Man: What’s up T Farris?

T. Ferris: What’s up homie?

Shorty Big Man: For the people that don’t know, could you tell the people who you are and who you work for?

T. Ferris: I’m T Farris, A&R; for Swisha House. I represent Paul Wall, Lil Keke, you know the whole Swisha House.

Shorty Big Man: Paul Wall said ya’ll made him hot, how did you accomplish that?

T. Ferris: Well before Paul came to Swisha House he used to be on another label called Paid In Full. When he was on Paid in Full, we was in the process of doing The Day Hell Broke Loose Part 2″. What ended up happening was he didn’t like the song he had on there so I had to convience him cause I thought the song was a hit. It ends up being the song to put him on the map.

Shorty Big Man: So you really believed in Paul Wall?

T. Ferris: Most definately, most definately. I’ve never been involved with nothing I don’t believe in cause you’re never gonna be able to make it work if you don’t believe in it.

Shorty Big Man: Why has the south found sucess in the wake of the east coast decline.?

T. Ferris: I think it was just a new style of music that came into the game. I mean you always heard about the guys from the east coast but you never heard anything from the south or any other region. The music was always good it just wasn’t sounding the same but people loved it.

Shorty Big Man: Do you think you would have been successful as an employee of an independent from NYC?

T. Ferris: Yea man you know what, the thing about that man is I feel like I might have been bigger if we were fron New York city. The way the game is set up man if you from NY everything is bigger. Right now I don’t get a lot of recognition till now really but I’ve dropped two platinum albums, two acts. I mean I’ve signed Mike Jones and Paul Wall so it was like for me to have two acts that go platinum and for me not to get the recognition that anyone else would get I know its really just because I’m from the south.

Shorty Big Man: Rumor has it the Mike Jones is disassociating himself from the label. Is this the truth and can you speak on his reason for departing?

T. Ferris: Well you know every artist has their dream of starting their own label you know what I’m saying. The truth is that he’s still a Swisha House artist. He’s deceided to go out and branch off and start his own brand, you know the Ice Age brand. Between me and him we just really disagreed on the timing of it. I always wanted him to do it but I disagreed with the timing. I just disagreed that if you had one platinum album I belive that you need more than one platinum album to go off and try to start your own brand. But you know of course he disagreed and wanted to do his thing. He’s got my blessing though he gonna go on and do him and I’m gonna do me. We work hard to do what it is we do and nobody can do the same as what we do. I mean I give him his just do but at the same he’s still a Swisha house artist.

Shorty Big Man: Who is the latest signee to Swisha House and what are you going to do to make them hot?

T. Ferris: Well what I’m doing right now is I branched out and started my own record label and I signed a guy named Lil Keke. He’s a legend from Houston, a real big legend from houston and he’s gonna be the first artist on my new label. He’s also a part of the Swish House family you know what I’m saying. He used to be a part of the Screwed Up Click. He’s one of the original members of the SUC you know what I’m saying.

Shorty Big Man: No doubt, Lil Keke is doing his thing.

T. Ferris: Yea, yea. I mean this is something that’s god given. One thing that I understand from the south is that its gonna be a lot harder for me to get my respect in the game. Even though I don’t get the respect from the major labels, even the ones that we’ve sold a million records for, that’s what inspired me to branch out and show them all what I can really do.

Shorty Big Man: What executive in the industry reminds you of yourself?

T. Ferris: Man, I can’t put my hand on it right now. Right now I’m young and up coming. I’m not as big as like a Rocafella records or nothing like that. That’s what I’m shooting for. See I want to have my label like Rocafella records but with out the break up. I wanna build a team of loyal people that understand and want to do business with each other and move forwand and build that brand. Just like how you got G Unit, Rocafella, and Murder Inc. Loyalty is the biggest thing.

Shorty Big Man: Thanks for taking time out and doing this interview with Rapmullet.com.

T. Ferris: I appreciate it man and thank ya’ll for the oppurtunity.