T.Gunz – Smoke In Tha City

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DJ Whut It Dew is back with another artist mixtape. T. Gunz describes himself as a southern rapper with an east coast swagger…and after listening to the mixtape a few times he’s right. One could say that the east coasts “swag” has been lacking lately, filled with youtube beef, un-proven cross over attempts and just a general lack of support all around. Regardless, T. Gunz has a unique style with the ability to appeal to the east as well as the south…not an easy task in 2007.

The first thing that jumps out at me off the first “freestyle” is the word play. I’m not saying the south doesn’t have word play but T.Gunz understand the importance of words…that’s evident by the lack of run on bars that so many cats suffer from today. There is plenty of mixtape music up on here, from “I Get High” to “U Don’t Know” but beat wise “Chevy Freestyle” fit his sound the best. I’m def diggin’ the vocal sample on “Outta Touch”…classic Hall & Oats, that shit was cool as a fan. “Chop Shop” has that hit record potential, one of the better posse cuts I’ve heard this year too. Whut It Dew himself went in on that “One Blood” freestyle. The sleeper track goes to Cory B on “She Likes”, dude got a unique sound right there.

As a whole the mixtape is put together well formula wise. I was diggin’ the skits and there is plenty of mixtape music to go around. What I’ve come to realize is that cats have a lot of talent but still need to develop as total MCs. T. Gunz got flow, he’s got versatile content, the confidence on the MIC is there and he’s solid on those mixtape beats…the skills and potential are there. What I didn’t hear tho was that “anthem” over some original production. I don’t believe cats need to make radio records to make money but if you’re gonna be feeding the streets you need those anthems for the fans to get behind and relate to. Part of making an “anthem” tho is the hook, and on here no hook on a solo T. Gunz stood out to me. It’s all part of an artist development, if their willing to put in the work these things should improve.