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DJ 2Mello Interview

Chew: Ahhh, The Infamous DJ 2Mello, what a gwaan sir? 2Mello: ahhhhh ketch Chew wid di yardman style!! yes bredrin

DJ 2Mello & The Labor Department – The Remix Killa!

I’ve gotten quite a few remix/blend mixtapes in the last week and it’s a beautiful thing. First and foremost with

DJ 2Mello – Summer Breeze Slow Jams 3

Let me tell you what a Summer Breeze Slow Jam is. A Summer Breeze Slow Jam is a song that

Drop A Dime with DJ 2Mello

DJ 2Mello’s Top 10 Sunday Morning Classic RnB Songs My Mom’s Rocked While She Cooked Breakfast 10. Commodores – Easy

DJ 2Mello – Primeval: Fuck Now Talk Later

This mixtape has the ability to set off a night of straight fucking. You think I’m lying. Hahaha. It’s not

DJ 2Mello – Time For Some Action

It is without a doubt time for some action. The summer is heating up…literally. Vagina’s will be sweaty and thongs

DJ Rhude & DJ 2Mello – The Block Undercover

I’m just glad they didn’t call this project “best of both worlds”. Hahaha…seriously tho. Thank you. On one end, you

DJ 2Mello – I Am The Future

Is R&B the new Lil Wayne when it comes to mixtapes? Honestly, think about it. You see all those mixtape

DJ 2Mello & DJ Cashis Kay – Power Play R&B 3

This is a good mixtape collaboration for a few reasons. The first is you got Cashis Kay on the MIC