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DJ Blazita – Sex And The City 5

It’s like Christmas in April people, a new sex and the city project from Blazita. I love me some 90s

DJ Blazita & Superstar Jay – Who Watches NY?

Not a lot of people in general watching NY, let’s be honest. These two DJs tho are keeping hope alive.

DJ Blazita – New York New York 10

“New York, New York big city of dreams…” Let me be the first to say “everything in NY isn’t always

DJ Blazita – Sex In The City Pt. 3

I will not be going to see the Sex In The City movie but I will def be listening to

DJ Blazita – NY NY Vol. 9

Is there anyone still screaming “we bringing NY back”? Some big dog MCs thought they could drop a couple tracks

DJ Diggz, DJ Rated R & DJ Blazita – Potent Product 8

Fuck what you heard one or more of these DJs above are taking home a Justo Award. They all have

DJ Blazita – Sex & The City 2

I hated that tv show Sex In The City man. My ex and current baby moms used to watch that

King Smij, Dirty Harry, Mista Rello, DJ Blazita – We Are Classic (Blend Gems Special Edition)

That’s right…for all you blend heads out there in the world today Smij dropped another Blend Gems joint. The average

DJ Blazita – New York New York 6 Dipset Edition

Blazita is back to expose the masses to some of NYCs finest MCs. Contrary to what you may believe Dipset