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DJ Crazy Chris – Bionic Blendz 3

Rub your ass in the moonshine, let’s take it back to ’79 and ’86 and ’92 and ’07 and ’80.

Drop A Dime with DJ Crazy Chris

Top 10 Things DJ Crazy Chris Loves About The Internet 10. WHERE ELSE COULD U FIND SO MANY PEOPLE WHO

DJ Crazy Chris – Bionic Blends 2

“Strong enough for man but made for woman”…I love that drop; it’s the mixtape drop of the year people. It’s

DJ Crazy Chris – Poppa Was A Rolling Stone

Any way you wanna slice it this is the mixtape to have right now. No amount of Lil Wayne or

DJ Crazy Chris & Greedy Beats – Marvin Jay

“I’m like a young Marvin in his hey”….That Jay Z line sums up a lot about this project. I don’t

DJ Crazy Chris & Selfish Insanity – Wu vs Who

Somebody light up the piff and start passing that shit around. Crazy Chris got some new shit and you cannot

DJ Crazy Chris, DJ Swindle, Frank Lyon, Dub Floyd, DJ Unexpected, Chong Wizard and Ro Data – Mash Of The Titans

I see the “mash up” debate was in rare form this week on the internet. Its just a phrase but

DJ Crazy Chris – Rattle & Pun

Crazy Chris is back at it again! I can’t say I’m a huge U2 fan but damn they sold some

DJ Crazy Chris, DJ Sixteen, Chong Wizard & Simon Sez – Phillmatic

I know some people hit me up wanting to know when I was gonna review this CD. I really wanted