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DJ Dub, Sheek Louch and DJ Dub Floyd – Animal Planet

Silverback gorillas are some mean son-of-a-bitches. Not the animal you want to run across in the jungle without some sort

DJ Dub – Extra Classes

Shout out to DJ Dub doing his thing consistently on the mixtapes. I can’t sleep on Kanye for too long

DJ Furious Styles & DJ Dub – Shine

Hey look people! There are some DJs who are trying to break new artist. It’s not an easy road to

DJ Furious Styles & DJ Dub – SHINE “The Mixtape”

Welcome DJ Furious Styles to Rapmullet.com people. He brought DJ Dub along for the ride, welcome back Dub…it’s been a

DJ Dub & DJ Victorious -Heavy Metal Vol. 2

I missed out on part one but I def wasn’t gonna miss out on part two. A big welcome back

DJ Dub – Nas & DJ Premier – NY State of Mind

This is an ambitious project and a fairly decent concept. I have faith in Dub though he has enough skills