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DJ Fade – Party Groove 2

Skills, skills and more skills. I’m always down for a party mixtape. Throw some classics on there, some new shit,

DJ Fade – Allstar Blends : Hard 2 Earn

I’m telling ya’ll, cats are stepping up their hustle in 2007. DVDs make money…bottom line. There not as easily ripped

DJ Fade – Straight Sex Pt. 2

I think I have an anger problem. This person in the grocery store parking lot parked so close to my

DJ Fade – R&B Situations Vol. 3

When I saw the cover to this CD I knew right away I was in for something special. Lauryn Hill

DJ Fade – R&B Situations Vol. 2 : Best Of Mary J. Blige

Aight man, fuck that. Let’s put our cards on the table. Who here does not fuck with MJB? For you

DJ Fade & DJ Fiesta – Straight Sex, No Games

I was pleasantly surprised to get this CD in the mail. With slow jams and blend/remixes how can you go

Jail Break Recordz/DJ Mo Fire/DJ Fade – Wu Affiliated (Chamber #1)

How many of ya’ll miss ODB? I know I do. Fade had me open off the intro dropping that shit

DJ Fade – Wu Tang Clan Forever

DJ Fade does not bullshit on his mixtapes people. We fucking with the Clan today and truth be told it