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DJ Osk – DeLox

If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense, right? Wrong! See when you have a product that is

DJ Osk – Blendstar

Osk is one of those DJs that you know can pull off any blend mixtape concept. He’s got that ear

DJ Osk – Pete’s, Rhymes and Life (The Pete Rock Story)

It’s rare these days that DJs want to tell a story with a mixtape. One of the best mixtapes ever

DJ Osk – Unchained

I wonder how many DJs actually love making mixtapes? I mean if you don’t have some sort of passion for

DJ Osk & Esoteric – Worldwide Warfare 2

DJ Osk is world wide people, better recognize. Some DJs talk a bunch of shit, drop so called “exclusives” that