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DJ Rondevu – The Carter Chronicles III

Rondevu is a talented dude. If you’ve been a fan of his throughout the years, you’d have to ask yourself,

DJ Rondevu – Best Of The Gang

Word on the street is 50 Cent and G-Unit bought to bring it back to the days of “No Mercy,

DJ Rondevu – Dirty Business 3

The only way I listen to Lil Wayne is if Rondevu is blending it. That’s the truth man. You can

DJ Rondevu & DJ Premier – The Realness

Just when you think the creativity in mixtapes is muerte, you get a couple releases that let you know The

DJ Rondevu – Homicide Files Part 2

Man I’m glad Rondevu, aka the young vet, came back with some new shit because I thought he was taking

DJ Rondevu – Knights Of The Round Table 2

“Where the drunk “wide backs” (intoxicated fat girls)?” “You know how I get when I’m nice.” “I been lookin’ for


My moms read one of my reviews the other day and asked, “Monty isn’t the person you call “THE CRAZIEST