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Murder Of The Month July 2009 – JQ – The Official Burbetto Mixtape

Just to get a check. Let it be known people if you got the money you can buy a co-sign.

Murder of the Month – June 2009 – Blackout

Let me tell you what’s wrong with you…my mixtape DJs. You’re lacking. Let me get specific. You’re lacking…talent, creativity, balls,

Murder of the Month May 2009: Grind My Gears Edition (Pause)

You know what really grinds my gears. Lol I know you’ve seen that Family Guy episode and maybe DJ Teknikz

March 2009 Murder of the Month…Part 2

We’ve never done this at Rapmullet, but there’s a first time for everything. This is “Part II” of this month’s

March 2009 Murder of the Month…Part 1

Really Real? Where to begin. Well this is gonna start with the internet and end with the internet…literally since you’re

January 2009 Murder of the Month: DJ Desperado

Man, cats are despicable with this mixtape shit. Look at this bitch asses mixtape cover above. Peep how he jacked

Murder of the Year 2008

I’d like to murder the whole year of 2008 for mixtapes and everything associated with it. I made a comment

Murder of the Month November 2008

Where are the gatekeepers? If you listened to DJ Drama’s Dedication 3 he made a comment about the lack of

Murder of the Month October 2008

Snakes Don’t Test The Rocket Launchers! We see you! LOL. Man, you know how many people have tried to do