Tapemasters Inc & John Shotti – A Prince In Harlem

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This chick I been stalking hit me on the jack after about 2 weeks of me harassing her. I didn’t give a fuck, because she easily made my list of “snowflakes I’m trying to bang”. Short stop has some of the nicest feet I’ve ever seen. I’m all about females that take care of their feet. Think of it this way; the next time you’re about to hit a “yooker” (young hooker) make sure she’s wearing sneakers or something to that effect. If she hides her feet or her nails feel like Wolverine’s claws on your leg, then you know the pussy probably isn’t proper. When a woman takes care of something that you can’t see, you know her game is right.

Enough of the freaky tales, we walk into this club and the place has pink and purple interior. White women with hair weaves and around the way bitches are eating candy and sunflower seeds. The symbols that surround the spot are diplomatic wings and some unpronounceable shit that looks hot. There are two specials tonight. Short stop orders a “sexy motherfucker” and I got a glass of “sizzurp”. The lights started to go dim and “A PRINCE IN HARLEM” was beginning. Our show is starring the legendary PRINCE and CAM’RON from “the world inside a city”; HARLEM.

“HELLO PRINCE INTERVIEW” was the intro, but the shit was straight trash. The instrumentals were off beat, but the interview was amusing. “LET ME KNOW” is a hit and I hate the term “mash up”, but this is the way I would envision it. When PRINCE’S signature screech dropped after the gunshots, I knew the editing was sharp. They say MUGGS is the father of “mash ups”, but I only liked one of his releases and he never came close to having this kind of concept. “BYRD GANG GOLD” is soulful and the beat is the total opposite feeling of the lyrics. It’s like ordering a piping hot Popsicle.

I loved the fact that JOHN included scenes from PURPLE RAIN. MORRIS DAY was an original pimp. The use of early CAM verses was refreshing, because his latest shit makes me want to wait on 140th and LENNOX with some pink baby powder and cold smack the shit out of him. If you’re a fan of “mash ups”, then “A PRINCE IN HARLEM” is a must for your collection just like the “GREY ALBUM”. Before I slide out, check for “RE-CERTIFIED”, that was one of my favorite tracks. Included in the package are 4 instrumentals. This is a must have.