Tapemasters Inc. & Lil Wayne – Young Money Millonaires 2

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I wanna be a young money millionaire, damn. I guess I have to settle for a thousandaire for now. You might be asking yourself, “why is Rapmullet reviewing a lil wayne mixtape”? Me personally I still think he’s a bitch ass for those DJ Drama comments and well DJs are gonna be DJs and continue to play his shit regardless. Plus I think wayne is too dumb for his own good or atleast too high for his own good. Just spewing stupid shit for the hell of it. Considering I was in the mood for some rap and bullshit we’ll give this CD a “nice” review.

Shout to Tapemasters Inc, I remember when they first dropped. Cats thought it was the almighty Tapemasta aka The Mixtape Librarian dropping mixtapes. They stayed consistient and built that brand like a champion. That joint “Maneater” with Nelly Furtado is some shit. That chic can def get it on any given day. Lloyd on “Bandits” was some slick shit although hearing Wayne say he’s “harder than a building” was kinda wack. The best track up here is “Shooter” with Robin Thicke. If you don’t have that Robin Thicke album go get that shit…dude is the truth and I don’t really co-signe R&B; like that either. Wayne talking on “Respect My Hustle” saying “did I wake you with the scrappin of the plate?” Hahahaha, yea he scrapping the plate looking for a hit…fuck outta here. I like how he tried to amp the chick up tho. On the low I’m diggin “You”, shit been run to death tho on the radio. It’s got a smooth ass groove to it that can’t be denied.

I don’t usually comment on the cover but it looks like Wayne got beat with a sock full of rocks on his face. If you’re like me you realize there is some dust up in those blunts he’s always holding and smoking in pics. Ain’t nothing wrong with a dust head either…until you find them in your back yard butt naked crawling on the ground talking about “shhhhhhh…we’re hunting llamas.” Lets see what did I learn by listening to this mixtape; Wayne has done hella R&B; features that’s for sure.