Tapemasters Inc – Mash Up Gang

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One thing I’ve noticed about Mash Up CDs is they can be very hit or miss. It’s either a really well executed mix or it just gets by. In my opinion some songs just aren’t to be fucked with and then you have the issue of every DJ using the same Rock joints. As far as consistency goes while pushing creativity DJ CC is running that lane. People outside of Rapmullet may not know him and the Wal-Mart of mixtapes may not carry his shit but that will all change this year. Now as for this CD, DJ Chachi got skills, bottom line. His last blend CD was tight so I’m expecting something special.

The jump off with the intro and then into “Pimps & Jokers” was classic, I thought I was def gonna be into some shit. This mash up was working overtime. “Interstate Victory” was bland and honestly the guitar overshadowed the whole song. “Change Clothes & Float On” was boom banging, it just worked well. I think cats need to retire AC/DC from mash ups, shit is boring now. The shit that wasn’t working was “Eye Of The Youngin”, sounded more like a novelty track than some hot shit. The creativity was shining on “Good Gossip”. This mash up is some next level, you almost can hear it on some official remix shit. Same with “Temperature of Sugar”. DJ Chachi putting is work like a mutha fucka people. The best blend/mash up on the whole CD was “True Song”. This joint stands out cause Chachi fuses the vibe of both tracks perfectly. Your looking at the tracklist like “Spandau Ballet?”, but once you hear the beat you know what it is if you know music.

Fuck the rest of the DJs, Chachi rules supreme on this project. Those other cats were just filler and unnecessary if you ask me. Regular old blends no chopped choruses or real beat/tempo changes. If you don’t already know by reading this you need to be checking for DJ Chachi from now on. Mash up, blends whatever the kid is beasting and def worthy competition for DJ CC.