Tapemasters Inc – The Future of R&B 8.5

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“I’m in love with a Yooker”. Naw for real though, Rapmullet stays with yookers on tap and well I fell in love with one. Got me making egg samiches in the morning and shit. You thought T-Pain and “I’m In Love With A Stripper” remix with Paul Wall, Pimp C and Too Short was the jam? wait till you hear the “Yooker” remix with Remo Da Rapstar, Tapemasta, Dimez and Unexpected on the cuts. Think I’m playing.

Did you ever thing a track was left of an album for a reason? Chris Brown “Heart To Heart”, was not on the album for a reason……it’s weak. Wait hold up, “Lonely” by Ne-Yo was left off the album too, probably because his spelling is atrocious and the song will make you commit suicide. I like AC, he can rhyme but he stays spitting on some lovely shit. Along side of Ne-Yo on “When You’re Mad” remix is just too lovely for me. He’s trying to get at the ladies which is cool but the ladies only buy what’s hot at the moment and well, this isn’t on his album nor does he have an album out. Can you say “hustle backwards”? I actual was diggin’ Biggie on “I Love You” remix with Cheri Dennis. I don’t know what it is but biggie always came on some extra fly shit when he got on some R&B, these other MCs wanna a hug a bitch and cuddle (yawn). Pimp C bout to be on everything people. R&B, mad cameo’s, mixtapes, he’s getting it in something fierce. “Dope Girl” is cool but not that cool. T-Pain keeps it mixtape rhyming over “Window Shopper”. “Shooters” with Mr. Thicke and Lil Wayne is that R&B haze, as is “Showin Yo Biddness”. Sleeper track of the CD is Termanology and Lee Wilson, “Circle of Life”. Nice mello head knocking grove with some actual feeling and substance to it; I can def relate to it as well.

The Future of R&B? T-Pain? Well, he can hook up a song like no other. The CD is cool and worth cop’n if you into the Rap N Bullshit of 2006, no offense. Tapemasters Inc keeping it consistent with the promo, covering all bases, respect. I’m glad I got to hear the Termanology joint because now I’m going to cop his album and that’s what a mixtape is supposed to do anyway.