Tapemasters Inc – The Future of RnB 21

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The future of mediocrity is upon us. Seriously tho how formulaic can the mixtape game get right now. DJs went from dropping similar projects with in a week of each other to dropping FOUR similar projects within a week of each other. I understand the economics behind dropping 4, 5, 6 mixtapes at a time but you know what? The quality suffers.

Who would rather fuck Danity Kane than listen to their music? Who’s with me? Not for nothing but I’d rather cop nude photos of these broads then cop their music. Thing is there are people who like the sounds that come out of their mouths…so be it. “Stiletto’s” by Lee Carr featuring Jada is the shit. If there’s one rap and bullshit song out right now, I can bump on the regular this is it. Trey Songz still doing his thing with cuts like “In Ya Phone”. Mario is shinning with “Promise Land” and well after I was done hitting my head off the wall, a few times Danity Kane’s new single with Missy, “Bad Girl”, wasn’t as bad to me. The corniest song title award tho goes to Chris Brown with “Diagnosed With Love”. Really? Did you hear Chris Browns new joint “Diagnosed with Love? Shit is hot.” Nah man can’t see it or hear it.

Shit is average man. I know I know, cats will move units regardless and all that. Thing is there’s no flow to this project. Just the same “new shit” formula. Cats are like robots now, “must put out rnb mixtape with other mixtapes”…”does not compute”. Creativity is dead people, mixing is dead people. Enjoy!