Team Invasion & All Access – This Ain’t No Greezy Talk

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I love NY Hip Hop! I’m a fan of all forms of the music. Shit I work out to METALLICA and I recently purchased the first K-OS album on a trip to CANADA and I can’t turn it off. But there’s been an extreme amount of bullshit being tossed back and forth by DJ’s and artist from the south and the east. Did anyone ever think about the fact that NY is one state? When the conversations or debates occur, artists/DJ’s from the south include themselves amongst an entire region that includes numerous states! Regardless, I have a genuine love for the music and I love to hear good NY HIP HOP. It does still exist and unlike most of the websites, magazines, and radio media, Rapmullet will continue to spotlight it.

“THIS AIN’T NO GREASY TALK” has some hits, but it centers on unsigned artist. Didn’t I hear whispers on the RAPMULLET MESSAGE BOARD about NY DJ’s not breaking new music or unsigned artists? I’ve known about .38 SPECIAL for some time, but I had very little material of his. He did his thing on “THIS AIN’T NO GREASY TALK” and GREEN LANTERN laced him with that “subway gutter” music. The RAPMULLET staff enjoyed it so much that “DON’T TALK NO SHIT” found its way on to the “TRAP HOUSE IPOD”. We’ve received numerous emails about the track and request for more of his music. .38 is groomed and produced by one of those cats that they say doesn’t support their own! If you’re listening, there’s good music in every coast, but we’re so busy ridiculing that we can’t hear it?

TEAM INVASION might be on that east coast shit, but if you’re mass marketing these days, you have to have something for everyone. I loved the combination of JUELZ and RICK ROSS on “WHIP IT HARD”. The trend didn’t stop there. “THIS AIN’T NO GREASY TALK” also contained “GANGSTA 2 THE CORE”. HELL RELL is quickly becoming the next heralded emcee from the streets of NY.

My girl keeps telling me that balance is everything. You have to balance your career and your home life, but I’m a hopeless fucking work addict. I don’t think it’s possible to have a balance, but I definitely believe in supporting Hip Hop. TEAM INVASION reps for NY, but that didn’t stop them from including the southern fried remixes. That might not be balance, but it’s definitely a start.