Team Invasion – Hood Rules Apply 7

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The “Team” Invasion continues people. They always say you’re only as strong as the Team that you surround yourself with. Team Invasion is that “team” for Green Lantern. I think one thing people sleep on is the talent within the Team. MC’s, business men, weed carriers cats is doing what they do and getting their shine one…that’s what being part of the Team is all about.

Speaking of the Team, peep History In Da Making” by Fever. Cats got bars man and some proper guidance which proves to be a deadly combination. For those of you who talk shit about Beans you can listen to “Before Da Solution” and recognize the skills. In my hip hop, pretty beats, pressed sweaters and penny loafers don’t cut it. I don’t care if Beans is still rocking a SP denim suit from 2000 as long as he spits that firewater I’m good. Cats were right about “I Can’t Believe” with Tru Life and Swizz Beats. I can’t believe Tru Life made this song…it should however get some play in other avenues besides mixtapes. Will Tru Life fall victim to the same thing that Saigon is going thru at Atlantic? Time will def tell. I’m not much into new jack R&B; singers but Dante Hawkins on “Hustla” got a rewind from me. Green Lantern on the beat was a good look. I was without question fucking with that Slick Pulla & Jeezy freestyle. Slick Pulla is like a Down South Duncan McCloud when it comes to getting his lyrical Highlander on. The one cat from the “Team” that needs to get more shine is 38 Special. Peep “Habitat” when you get a chance to see why. The mixtape track of mixtape tracks right now is “En Why Cee”. Joel Ortiz, Unlce Murda and Jaugernaut eat this track alive…if you ain’t fucking with it then you must have some white sunglasses sitting on top of your head right now.

Cats from the “Team” is def keeping it consistent while supplying quality music. A “Cop It” rating from the Mullet is always a good look. What that means is the mixtape is good for a couple days in the ride, you find those bangin’ tracks that you fuck with and run ’em back on the repeat then after a couple days you move on. It’s def not what mixtapes used to be but in 2007 even the consumer must seek out good music.