Teardropz & DJ Antalive – Vintage Blends PT. 2

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What do these new jack mixape fans know about vintage? I think there should be an aptitude test that all mixtape fans need to take before they get into this culture. If old school to you is 50 Cent’s No Mercy, No Fear then you need to study up. I don’t have a problem with new jacks just do your history as best you can and move the mixtape culture forward.

It’s been a minute since I heard from Teardropz and Antalive did his thing along with Big Mike on the Big Boy Blends joint. Now most hip hop head will know “Eric B for President” but Sweet T is a whole other issue. Can’t say I would have jumped the CD off this way. Now the “Don’t You Blow” blend is “vintage” in the respect you got a classic hip hop beat and some old school R&B.; Shout to Ron G for fathering the style and these two DJs for keeping it alive. Ok now shit is “heating up” with the Surface joint b/w “How I Could Just Kill A Man”. Somewhere Six Six aka Premoalc, from the Rapmullet.com message board, just ran three stop signs and took out an old lady while listening to this in his whip. Me personally I like the MTume blend with DWYK, its just the shit was way too long. Is that Al Green? Oooooh, now that’s vintage using Biz’s “Make The Music” beat. For those cats that don’t know this beat can be freaked with just about anything to give it a classic blend feel, props to Ron G again for that. You know what else is classic? Beat on beat blends where you might turn the highs all the way up and drop the lows to try to x out the bass. My favorite shit was Tena Marie’s “Sweet Heart” b/w K-Solo; cracks and pops in the record and everything. As for the beat on beat blend majic you got “The Show” b/w “Night Shift”, shit came out lovely. “Check The Rhyme” is another “classic” beat to use and Teardropz and Antalive flipped a Human track over it and surprised the shit outta me. Only blend that I couldn’t get my groove on to was the “Sexual Healing” joint. EPMD beat wasn’t working on the beat on beat vibe. I got that acapella too I think, should’a hollered.

I need to hear Vintage Blends Part 1, for real. I’m on the hunt. These CDs should be staples in every blend fiends ride. There really ain’t no more to it people. Teardropz and Antalive got skills, are they the best to every do it? Hmmm, they seem to think so and I applaud the confidence but it’s a long road to blend immortality man.