Tempt – The Hip Hop Chapters

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Shout out to Tempt, doing his thing on the production side of things and what not. For you ultra slow cats, Tempt is remix with original production some of hip hops classic tracks. As the tracklist reads, one track each starting from 1993 and ending in 2007. I can dig it tho, it’s something different and it allows him to fuck with some different acapellas.

The piano was working over time on the “C,R.E.A.M” blend. I think that beat has too much feeling for that song. I can hear am MC letting out that raw emoition on that shit. “Everyday Struggle” is smooth as hell. That beat captured the essence of Biggie’s bars and that cat on the hook was dope too. “Feelin It” is a real hard track to redo beat wise. Jay’s bars are synonymous with how that beat was so to me at least the joint didn’t work. The energy off “Quiet Storm” is undeniable…and cats were rocking doubles too…shiiiiiiiit. That shit was fly and brining in the guitar on the hook just flat out worked. Phene said “my pen game open up membranes”….ahhh, the verbals sword is sharp with him. “Police State” is the joint with a message for real. The Nas joints were a little bit of a let down beat wise. “Poision” was decent, I though he could do more with that song tho. “Moment Of Clarity” is THE beat. Jay Z sounds so comfortable on this shit, he’s lyrically in a recliner with a brew he’s so relaxed over that joint. The Clock Work Mix of “The Corner” got an ill ass bass line. Shit lagged a little on the hook to me but the horns helped it along. “International Players Anthem” is a hard joint to re-do. The original samples a true classic but Tempt added his flava to it…shit caught fire when the kicks finally dropped.

Couple reasons why I fuck with this project. One, the shit was mixed….cuts, doubles ect…and it’s really a production show case. I can appreciate the attention to “mixtape” detail. Two, the beats used are complete. Meaning their all full sounding and well rounded tracks. I’m loving the change of pace used in some joints especially that last track. Cats understand the importance of using some real “boom bap” in the beat all while flipping some potent samples.